Family & Friends Box

Healthy food delivered fast.

Family & Friends Box

For folks that love to cook!

We promise not to leave you hungry. This harvest is for produce lovers, health food gurus, chefs in training, who are determined to get their daily recommended serving of fresh fruits and veggies. Planning on inviting your new Tinder crush over for Netflix and Chill. We promise you a great selection to help you look like a master chef, while you’re watching Master Chef. For a limited time, we also have Kiss the Cook Share Your Fruit aprons to help get the magic started.


Family & Friends Box Harvests feature: 1 type of green, 3-4 types of veggies, 4-5 types of fruit. Often, this is a great box for those that cook 4-5 nights of the week.

Serving: We recommend the Family & Friend Box for 2-3 people to share for the week.

Freshness Guaranteed: We have strict quality checks to ensure that every item in your harvest is fresh, fun, and delicious. If you have a problem, let us know and we’ll fix it faster than you can say What the fruit!?

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