Whole Harvest

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Whole Harvest

A serving size that would make veggie salt bae proud, the Whole Harvest is for customers that love to cook, and want a large variety of delicious fruits and veggies delivered to their door weekly to feed their whole crew. We hear families adore this box, and its perfect size box if you plan on hosting small army of vegetarians for bingo night.


Most whole harvests feature: 2 types of greens, 6-7 types of veggies, 5-6 types of fruit

Serving: We recommend the mini for 4-5 people to share for the week. Often, this is a great box for those that love to cook most of the week.

Freshness Guaranteed: We have strict quality checks to ensure that every item in your harvest is fresh, fun, and delicious. If you have a problem, let us know and we’ll fix it faster than you can say What the fruit!?

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